OSHA 2013

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The Ins and Outs of Germ Warfare: OSHA UPDATE

This course introduces evidence based information that will facilitate compliance with 29CFR Part 1910.1030, Occupational Exposure to Blood borne Pathogens, Final Rule (Federal Register 56(235): 64004-182, 64004-182, 1991 and the implementation of recommendations made by other federal, state, and local Agencies and professional organizations. The course is comprised of three Sections which must be taken sequentially. A test will be completed at the end of each section.

Participation in the course requires that you:

  • Register online with the our secured server.
  • Pay a $97.50 registration fee.
    • Paying With A Credit Card – Once you complete your registration, an email will automatically be sent to you, at the address you provided, containing your User Code and Password and link to a Logon Session page to begin the course.
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  • Complete all course sections yielding to 3 hours of didactic participation

Course Sections

  • Section # 1: Compliance with Guidelines of Federal, State Local Agencies and Professional Organizations
  • Section #2: Promoting Prevention & Safe Behavior In The Healthcare Setting
  • Section #3: Prevention, Post-Exposure Follow Up, Transmission Based Precautions & Administrative Controls For Risk Management

At the end of each course section/part, you will take the exam that will be graded and you will see your results instantaneously. You will have 1 month to complete the course. Once you begin the course, you will have the ability to Log Out and Log In.  This may only be done during a presentation not during an examination.  The module exam cannot be paused once started.

After you have successfully completed the 3 course content sections, you will take the required comprehensive exam to finalize your participation in this course. You will be required to achieve a passing score of 80%. If you fail to answer enough questions correctly, you will be instructed to re-take the exam and a new set of questions will be provided. You will have three chances to fulfill the requirements. If you are not successful, you will be instructed to contact the Office of Continuing Dental Education.

Upon successful completion of this course, you will complete a course evaluation which will direct you to an electronic verification for 3 hour(s) of combined video streaming and testing didactic continuing dental education credit. Print this verification document and save for your reference – follow the prompts allowing you to print the certificate.

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