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by Harold L. Meador, D.D.S., B.S.D., F.A.A.P.
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Welcome to Ergonomics in Pain Management for Dental Professionals. It is our goal to provide you with information in an educational format that is both simple and convenient. As you progress through the course - feel free to contact Dr. Meador, via e-mail with individual questions, concerns, or comments.

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About the Course Presenter - Harold L. Meador D.D.S, B.S.D, F.A.A.P

CHAPTER I Introduction & Periodontal Disease
Quiz #1 1-pixel spacerIntroduction - Reflections on BioCentric Seminars
1-pixel spacerPeriodontal Disease
1-pixel spacerExamination/Diagnosis/Classification
1-pixel spacerDecision-Making Flow Chart
CHAPTER II The Goal and Formula for Success - Part 1
Quiz #2 1-pixel spacerFatigue Reduction and Biomechanics
1-pixel spacerExtrinsic Ergonomic Factors
1-pixel spacerErgonomics in Philosophical Context
1-pixel spacerPhysical Plant
1-pixel spacerFloor Plan
1-pixel spacerInstrument Cluster
1-pixel spacerPatient's Chair/Light
1-pixel spacerOperator's Stool
1-pixel spacerInstrument Tray
1-pixel spacerX-ray View Box
  The Goal and Formula for Success - Part 2
Quiz #3 1-pixel spacerIntrinsic Ergonomic Factors
1-pixel spacerInstrument Selection
1-pixel spacerBiomechanics/Ergonomics
1-pixel spacerPosture
1-pixel spacerBioCentric Technique
  The Goal and Formula for Success - Part 3
Quiz #4 1-pixel spacerTime Control and Economics: Suggestions for Evaluating a Hygiene Program
1-pixel spacerExtrinsic Economic Factors
1-pixel spacerProduction/Profit
1-pixel spacerCompensation
1-pixel spacerIntrinsic Economic Factors
1-pixel spacerInstrument Sharpening
1-pixel spacerSequencing Instruments
1-pixel spacerProbing
CHAPTER III A Comparative Study of Muscle Activity in Instrumentation Techniques
Quiz #5 1-pixel spacerCase Study
1-pixel spacerResults
1-pixel spacerConclusions
1-pixel spacerMaintaining Joints in Neutral/Posture
1-pixel spacerAlternate Muscle Groups to Avoid Exhaustion
1-pixel spacerThe Role of the Wrist
1-pixel spacerThe Role of the Thumb
1-pixel spacerThe Role of the Fingers
1-pixel spacerClosing Statements
CHAPTER IV The Impact of the Biocentric Technique on Pain, Productivity, and Attitude of Dental Hygienists
  1-pixel spacerIntroduction and Background
1-pixel spacerTechnique and Workshop Development
1-pixel spacerPurpose Statement
1-pixel spacerDescription of the Study
1-pixel spacerRespondents
1-pixel spacerPain and Symptoms Before the Course
1-pixel spacerImprovement After the Course
1-pixel spacerDiscussion
1-pixel spacerConclusions
CHAPTER V Summary and Conclusions
Quiz #6  

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