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As of September 1, 2006 the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners is requiring that Dental Assistants attend a course to prepare them to pass an examination. The examination will cover the three main topics of Jurisprudence, Infection Control, and Radiology, which will be offered at the end of each module. This course is intended to provide sufficient information to permit dental assistants to gain knowledge and understanding of the critical concepts associated with each of these areas of registration in order to facilitate success at the time of examination.

Participation in the course requires that you:
  • Register online with the our secured server.
  • Pay a $ 65.00 registration fee.
    • Paying With A Credit Card – Once you complete your registration, an email will automatically be sent to you, at the address you provided, containing your User Code and Password and link to a Logon Session page to begin the course.
    • Not Paying With a Credit Card – Once our office receives your form of payment, the following business day an email will be sent to you, at the address you provided, containing your User Code, Password and a link to a Logon Session page to begin the course
  • Additional Course Information:
    • Each module will be followed by a timed examination, Jurisprudence – 15 questions, Infection Control – 10 questions and Radiology – 25 questions. 
    • Once you successfully complete the chapter quiz you may move on to the next chapter.  Each quiz will be graded and you will see your results instantaneously.
      • You will have one month to complete the course.
      • Once you begin the course, you will have the ability to Log Out and Log In.  This may only be done during a presentation not during an examination.  Examinations cannot be paused once started.
Upon successful completion of this course, you will receive an electronic verification for 8 hours of didactic continuing dental education credit. Print this verification document and save for your reference – follow the prompts allowing you to print the certificate.

Your next step would be to fill out and mail in an “Application for Dental Assistant Registration” to the State Board in order to complete the registration. This form can be located on the Board's website: www.tsbde.state.tx.us.

Before mailing in the application, be sure to complete the form by attaching all the requested information, such as a copy of your completion certificate, a copy of your active CPR card, etc. Please note: There is an application fee that must be included, made payable to the State Board, for processing this application. If you have any questions regarding the application, please address them to the State Board at (512) 463-6400.

On behalf of the Office of Continuing Dental Education, congratulations and the best of luck in your career.

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Course Table of Contents:

Module I: Jurisprudence
• Purpose of the Texas Dental Practice Act
• State Board Rules
• Purpose and structure of the State Board of Dental Examiners
• Provisions for licensure
• Regulations for Dental Auxiliaries
• Professional Conduct
• Minimum Standard of Care
Module Exam

Module II: Infection Control
• CDC Infection Control Guidelines
• Infection Control Rules of the Texas State Board of Dental Examiners
• Hand hygiene
• Alcohol based hand rubs
• Sterilization techniques
• Sterilization vs. disinfection
• Spore testing
• Instrument processing
• Instrument wrapping
• Surface disinfection
• Medical waste
• Dental unit waterline disinfection
Module Exam

Module III: Radiology
• Radiographic principles and theory
• Normal Anatomy
• Technique and processing error recognition for intraoral and panoramic radiographs
• Radiation biology
• Protection
• Risk assessment
• Aseptic techniques for dental radiology
• Quality assurance principles and procedures
Module Exam


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